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BIBA: Bali Internet Bussiness Association Official Page

Trainee SystemProvide Indonesians Japanese language class and send trainees between Indonesia and Japan.
Technology SupportSend Japanese technologists in various areas to Bali, Indonesia to provide lectures.
Free SchoolOn November 2012, we start a business tie-up with Bali State Polytechnic (BSP).

In BSP, they offer 13 majors of education program including Mechanical Engineering, Information Economics, and Business Management, etc. and they aim to educate professionals with international competence.

Foundation Rakuen Bali opens Free Japanese Language Session at BSP 1 or 2 times in a week for Indonesian who seek to work in Japan.
Balinese Traditional CultureTake an action in unofficial education such as language school, spa and dance school.
Action in Official EducationTake an action in official education such as kindergrten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school.

RAKUEN BALI Newly-Arrived News

  • From Jan. 11, we start Japanese Language Lesson at Bali State Polytechinic every Friday 16:00-.
  • Start a business tie-up with Bali State Polytechnic.
  • 'KIZUNA' Incorporated Foundation RAKUEN BALI Official Page is open.

Newly-Arrived News in Bali

  • Memorial concert for the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake was held in "Made's Warung2" in Seminyak on March 11th.
  • All the sightseeing spots and transportation will be closed on Nyepi, March 23rd, 2012.