BIBA Prospectus

BIBA starts as "Incorporated Foundation Rakuen Bali" in March 2012!

Bali Web Business Association is jointly operated by its members such as cargo companies, spas, restaurants, duty free shop, travel agencies and other companies which promote and sell their products and services via the internet in Bali.

Recently, the importance of internet as information retrieval tools has increased, total of internet users in the end of 2009 (Heisei 21) 94.080.000people (increase 3.5% compared to previous year), penetration rate78.0% (increase 2.7% from previous year) In Bali, as well as world class resort, the demand for business in various industries increased, such as long stay after retirement, property investment including construction of villas, production and import furniture and crafts, etc.

Information providing of Bali local companies and information gathering from Japan is said to be the most efficient via internet. On the other hand, many of which do business via the internet even though they have no office and no business licenses, so many cases have been reported that customers get into troubles and problems.

Bali Web Business Association was established to provide a safe and secure information that connects web business in Bali with Japan. All members of BIBA are government approved and licensed companies, and if a problem or trouble occurs between the member and the guest, the association will help the guest to solve the problem or trouble. (Contact us)

Association Adviser: PT. ANTARIKSA