BALI Culture diversity

Bali Island as a world-class tourist destination

Bali is a very popular world-class tourist destination, and is also popular in Japan. Bali has world-class resorts, such as Seminyak which becomes Bali's great resort in the last few years, Kuta and Legian that never sleeps with its surfers, a tranquil elite tourist area of Nusa Dua which has various selections of 5 star hotels, a developed area of Canggu, etc. You can enjoy resorts with tranquil atmosphere or with bustling atmosphere.

Specific Religion of Balinese Hindu

Bali is the only island in Indonesia which has more than 17000 islands that is Hindu. Bali is a very rare presence. Balinese calendar based on Caka calendar and Wuku calendar system. Bali Hindu is a unique blend of indigenous beliefs and Java Hindu which arrived in Bali since the 16th century. This specific religion can be seen from daily life in Bali, such as offerings called canang, thousands of temples in the island of Bali, ritual landscape, etc.

Combination artistic culture of Balinese culture and Javanese culture

After the invasion of Majapahit Kingdom to Bali, Javanese Hindu culture coming to Bali, and formed today Bali art. Bali has diverse art and culture that will never make you get bored, such as three most famous dances (Legong Dance, Kecak Dance & Barong Dance), various styles of Balinese painting, Batik, silver jewelry, wood and stone carving, etc.